Aluminium Profile Workbench

Aluminium Profile Workbench / Workstation (Customized Design)

R.K STEEL SMITH is the sole and exclusive distributors for aluminium profile Workbench / Workstation and Workbench Suppliers in India. We stock over 50 different aluminium profile patterns and an enormous selection of accessories. As we import this profile directly we receive great prices that we can pass onto you our customers.

Similarly as we can manufacture your workstations in-house at our factory in Ahmedabad Gujarat India, we are able to quickly turnaround most orders and you will save on manufacturing and transportation costs - in other words we are not just "resellers" adding their transportation costs and mark-up from the primary manufacturer.

R.K STEEL SMITH have been optimizing workplace performance for Indian and overseas companies across many industries including biotechnology, automotive and engineering industries.

Fully Customisable

Customised aluminium industrial work benches are ergonomic and durable. The company’s assembly systems are designed with “lean thinking” principles, which aim to create efficiently-organised businesses at low cost.

Our efficient, ergonomic, well designed and precisely made workstations, significantly improve productivity while boosting morale in a more conducive and safer work environment.

R.K STEEL SMITH has customisable options suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Contract packaging
  • Contract assembly
Aluminum Profile Workbench, Aluminium Profile Workstation

Aluminium Profile Workbench / Workstation (Customized Design)