Vertical Drawer multi purpose Cabinet

Vertical Drawer multi purpose Cabinet Manufacturers

The new range of vertical tool cabinets are suitable for all sorts of storage requirements, ideal for all the most commonly used tools in mechanical workshops and production factories in general.

Beyond fifty different solutions to organise and keep the various production departments tidy, starting from mechanical workshops where machine tools are used, through to companies that exploit numerically controlled machines to process sheet metal, such as punching machines, laser cutting machines and bending machines, which therefore use many different tools and equipment specific for production, which need to be stored in a protected and safe place.

The special feature of these cabinets means that they can also be used to manage all the products used in the assembly departments correctly. they can be adapted to store nuts and bolts, screws, small tools, such as bits for drills, countersinks, screw taps, bins, press-brake die and punch, cnc tool, tool hanging panel, office files and other tools

Vertical Storage Cabinet

Vertical Drawer multi purpose Cabinet

Vertical Tool Storage Cabinet
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