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Complete Packaging Workbenches Include Everything You Need For A Productive, Effective Packaging Station.

These packaging benches are built with numerous storage options that keeps all your packaging supplies and needs organized and within reach. Table height is adjustable for easy customization, and a durable steel frame ensures lasting durability. Tables are available in a variety of sizes and are available with a variety of table tops including Maple, Plastic Laminate, ESD and more.

Great for packing operations in order picking areas, shipping applications, distribution centers, warehouses, returns centers, and more

Easily access shipping schedules, prepare manifests, manage and store your paperwork and reference materials These workstations are often customized to individual needs

All sheet metal components

Gain efficiency, boost productivity

The efficiency you can realize by using the right packing bench easily justifies the cost.
Packing Stations organize product flow, maximize floor space, stimulate organization,
boost productivity, raise worker morale, and improve the aesthetics of your facility.

Packing stations systems are offered with a number of great accessories,
ensuring that you get a bench that fits your needs.

Packaging Workstation Manufacturer

Packaging Workstation