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Tool Cabinet (575 mm width)

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Tool Cabinet (725 mm width)

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Tool Cabinet (1025 mm Width)

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These Tool Cabinet take up very little space, but are versatile they can be used to store tools, different work materials, and small parts.Its basic structure consists of 6 different cabinet compartments with identical surface areas.

The cabinets inner areas can be installed with drawers with face heights of 75 – 300 mm, in combinations of standard and full pull-out models.

  • Create a safe and efficient working environment
  • Neat appearance improves the look of the working area
  • High storage volume
  • Fully lockable, increasing security for valuable items
  • Items stored in drawers are kept free from dust and contaminants
  • Easy access to all goods stored - small items at the rear of the drawer can be freely accessed
  • Drawers are fully divisible to suit individual applications
  • Small components can be stored in high density, saving space
  • Encourages correct handling procedures for heavier items
  • Wide variety of drawer weight capacities allows the correct cabinet to be specified for the task
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Application :

  • All types of Industry like Automobile, Machinery Manufacturer, Defense, Aeronautical, General Engineering, Electronic, Textile, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, R. & D. etc.
  • Also suitable for Automobile service center, Hospitals, Hardware and General Store