Pipe and Joint System (Lean Manufacturing)

R.K STEEL SMITH has the reputation in India of providing optimum total system solution to satisfy our customer's requirement for the benefits of products and services.
Our team of sales and engineers coupled with their experience and application know-how always strive to provide the excellent service and solution for our customer.
With our expertise we ensure you to offer the right idea and solution to benefit in your business.

R.K STEEL SMITH’S Material handling and storage efficiency in India plays important role in manufacturing applications which is enhanced by the superior customizability of a modular coated pipe and joint system. The coated pipes and joints can be configured in any way, to create simple material handling solutions.

R.K STEEL SMITH’S Pipe & Joint System comprises a wide range of components including abrasion resistant plastic (ABS) coated steel tubes, steel joints, roller tracks and accessories. This enables you to design and build a variety of modular structures to suit any need within the manufacturing process.

Applications range from ergonomic workstations, trolleys, carts & dollies, flow racks, gravity fed racks, line-side racks, shelving and modular stage systems.

R.K STEEL SMITH’S Pipe & Joint System you can design and build material handling and work assist structures to your exact specification and requirement, thus helping to meet Lean manufacturing goals. It makes it the perfect alternative to traditional bulky welded steel structures.

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